I have a bachelors degree in Photography from Fullerton California State University. I was lucky enough to pursue a need to help others, so after graduation I volunteered for 1 year in South Africa, Tanzania, and Kenya. Once back in the states I decided I needed to do more so I went on another journey to Southeast Asia where I spent 6 months volunteering at an orphanage in the Philippines, Orangutan Project in Sumatra, and I taught English in Thailand.  I came back to the states again, I still felt the need to do more. I landed an amazing job as a wildlife photography instructor in Zimbabwe at the Lion Encounter for 1 year. I mention my travels first because they changed my life. 


I then moved from California to beautiful Colorado and started my business Girl with Camera. Eventually from Colorado to Texas where I reside now.    

When I am honored the privilege of photographing an event, portraits, weddings, newborn, etc.   I always value that privilege. You will often see me in tears as I photograph because for me I can feel the moment (when the bride reads her letter to her future husband, when the newborn settles smiles at mom and dad, when the senior is about to take off on the journey of adulthood) I think this is what makes me a great photographer. It becomes as important to me as it is to you to capture that moment in time. I take my job very seriously with a touch humor and sarcasm. I want all my clients to look their best so I will always offer my professional opinion and guidance. 


I have spent the last 10 years capturing precious, timeless moments. I have perfected my craft and I create imagery according to the moment.